It Starts With a Plan

We thoroughly examine the big picture, the little picture, and every size picture in between.

We begin with this simple understanding: Almost every aspect of a person’s life has financial repercussions. So our planning process—which is comprehensive, rigorous, and highly customized—starts with thoroughly getting to know you. After all, the more we learn about you, the better able we are to plan your finances and investments to mesh with your life.

We’ll talk with you at great length, ask lots of questions, then ask even more questions—not just about your financial life, but your entire life. How do you want to live, now and in the future? When (if ever) do you want to retire? What commitments do you wish to make to your kids and grandkids? Are there philanthropic causes you want to support? What, if any, financial concerns do you have?

We’ll also review all pertinent documents and information regarding your current finances, including your investments, financial commitments, estate planning documents, and insurance coverage. We discuss your tolerance for investment risk, evaluate your cash flow needs, your tax situation, and any estate planning decisions you may have made.

Because no off-the-shelf approach to planning can possibly allow for the degree of customization we consider vital, we created our own approach—one we believe is unique in our industry.

Our complete planning process typically takes six to eight weeks. The question has been asked: Why so long? The answer: Because it’s necessary. During this time, we get to know you better than many firms ever will.


Investment Logic

An approach to investing rooted in time-tested strategies exquisitely matched to your goals.

At RZH Advisors we strive to earn our clients the returns needed to fund their most cherished financial goals—and to do so with the minimum expenditure of time, energy and stress on their part.

Our portfolios are goal driven, not market driven. We use a disciplined planning process to determine how to allocate our clients’ resources to produce the income and returns needed to help achieve their objectives.

Most of our client’s view their assets as non-renewable, so our focus is often asset preservation followed by growth. Because each client has different goals and unique circumstances, there’s no set formula we use for selecting investments. There are, however, some fundamental principles that guide our decisions:

  • Everything starts with a comprehensive, customized financial plan developed for your unique circumstances, which serves as our guide. We like to say that a portfolio without a plan is like a ship without a rudder.
  • Asset allocation is the most important determinant of long-term investment returns. Over the long run, getting your plan’s asset allocation right will be far more impactful than almost any other investment decision you may make.
  • Diversification is the key to minimizing volatility and reducing the risk of permanent loss.
  • Keeping fees and costs low are proven determinants of better-than-average performance.
  • Taxes are one of the few examples of a permanent loss of capital. It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep – so tax efficiency is critical to achieving above average long-term performance.
  • The worst plan is the one not followed. Faith, patience and discipline are required to stay the course and earn above-average returns.

We don’t speculate, chase performance or attempt to time the markets. We believe in adhering to well researched and proven determinants of successful portfolio management. Our investment research is thorough and disciplined, and includes access to the latest insights, perspectives, and finest financial minds available.

After we build portfolios and select investments we stress-test them to determine their reactions to different financial situations and economic conditions. That gives you, and us, a high degree of confidence that no matter how turbulent the economy your investment plan is designed to help you and your family live the life you anticipate.

We take pride in being an independent firm that follows a strict fiduciary standard. When creating a portfolio, we apply this standard to every investment we select. Importantly, we’ll always be invested right alongside you as we pledge to own every investment we recommend to a client. We’ll prosper when you prosper; we’ll suffer when you suffer. We call this identity of interest.

Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services depends upon the terms of the engagement and the specific requests and needs of the client. RZH does not serve as an attorney, accountant or insurance agent. RZH does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.

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